Balancing your bite

An unbalanced bite can cause a whole range of problems. Dr Zukerman has received advanced training in this area and can help you achieve the most comfortable bite for eating and chewing. The Tekscan system is amazing.

Do you suffer from: 

  • Jaw Pain? 
  • Headaches?
  • Sensitive Teeth? 
  • Chewing Fatigue?
  • Clicking Jaw/ Neck Pain? 
  • Are teeth chipping easily? 
  • Tooth wear? 

Quite, often an imbalanced bite can cause these problems. Let us help. Introducing... T-Scan!

The latest in digital occlusal analysis technology available now at Smile Designs - the T-Scan. An unbalanced bite is the cause of a whole range of symptoms and problems. The new computer-aided design (CAD) shows a graphic display of the way your teeth close together, including the timing, force, and balance. Your bite is measured with pin-point accuracy. 

A video is created from the measurements, allowing Dr Zukerman to show you exactly how you are closing your jaw and where the problems exist. This information is used to create a balanced bite so that grinding and chewing forces are evenly distributed helping your symptoms disappear. 

It is simple and painless!