What are the differences between a dentist and a orthodontist?

How many people reading this do you think would say that they enjoy going to the dentist? The disdain for having a stranger search around your mouth, in between your teeth and along your gum line is something that our dentists hear all too often – and if we’re honest, it hurts our feelings a little! At the same time we completely understand why the experience can be uncomfortable.

That’s why we make a point of helping our clients to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible – and it’s also one of the reasons why we try to be as forthcoming with information as we can. One of the main things that we’re regularly asked is ‘what is the difference between a dentist & orthodontist?’ Sure, both experts work with teeth and yes, they both pay special attention to oral hygiene, but what you might not know is that the way that both experts work is actually different.

What Are the Similarities?

Well, both a dentist and an orthodontist will work in a dentistry in the majority of cases, both will evaluate the condition of their patient’s teeth and both will offer a range of treatments and services relating to the care of teeth and gums in general. But that’s where the similarities come to an end.

What Are the Differences Then?

Where a dentist will turn their attention to the treatment of teeth and gums, with the aim being to ensure that they are clean and healthy, an orthodontist will instead focus on the structure of a person’s jaw, the position of their teeth and the way that everything works together. This is why for a check-up, you will most likely visit one of our dentists.

They will evaluate the condition of your teeth and introduce a range of treatments to ensure that they are as clean and healthy as possible. On the other side of the coin, if your jaw is suffering with an under or over bite, if your teeth could do with re-alignment, or if your mouth isn’t able to close as intended, then you’ll be recommended to one of our orthodontists.

Both are great at what they do and as they specialise in a particular range of services, there’s no reason why either expert couldn’t be put to good use. It all depends on what your teeth could benefit from and whether or not your mouth may require a surgical procedure – or simply a manual check-up with the use of handheld tools.

Whatever you need, our clients love the friendly and comfortable atmosphere that our clinic emanates, so why not come in and see one of our oral hygiene experts today?


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