Root Canal

Modern Dentistry for Sick Teeth

We offer the latest and as painless as possible solutions to fix teeth that are infected or painful.

Eat the Foods You Love and Smile with Confidence

The “root canal”!

What’s it all about?

This fearsome word is about Endodontics.

Simply put, that’s about saving a sick or painful tooth that has infection.

Like many procedures in today’s modern world, this is a whole lot simpler than ever before. Especially at Smile Designs where Dr Zukerman has decades of experience and state of the art equipment.

We can complete this treatment for you in a single visit with comfort, speed and efficiency. You’ll jump out of the chair when it’s finished and ask what is all the fuss about?

Before commencing we will explain in easy language what will be happening, the costs and allow you to choose how the finished tooth will be restored.

Experienced, Friendly And Caring Pain Free Dental Experience

Smile Designs has been supplying quality dental solutions for over 25 years. We can do everything from general servicing right
through to complex redesigns of cosmetic dentistry and lots of other painless stuff.