Efficient, painless root canal treatment is here

A root canal is a simple procedure that can save your tooth from extraction and give you back its full function.

Protect your overall oral health

Tooth decay, gum disease and fractures in a tooth can introduce bacteria into the inner portion of the tooth (pulp) this leads to infection and damage to the pulp. To save the vitality of the tooth root canal treatment will be your saviour. The purpose is to save the tooth from the need for extraction.

Signs that root canal treatment may be required

  • If a tooth becomes unusually sensitive to hot or cold, this could indicate a damaged nerve. Normally, a tooth nerve becomes sensitive only for a few seconds and adapts to the change in temperature and becomes desensitized. When the pain lingers much longer than that, it indicates a damaged nerve.
  • Occasionally a tooth will develop a split or hairline fracture that will cause inflammation to the pulp presenting as pain on biting and hypersensitivity to hot and cold.
  • A swollen area or small raised lump around a tooth could indicate infection and/or an abscess. On occasion severe swelling to the face can occur.
  • The nerve inside the tooth can start to die after physical trauma to the mouth. Its advisable to see a dentist as soon as possible after trauma allowing the best chance for your tooth to recover.

Saving the tooth

Back in the day infections to the root or pulp required extraction. But revolutionized methods in dentistry allow alternatives. With endodontic treatment, the infected pulp is removed and the interior of the tooth is cleaned, upon healing a rubber-like material and filling is placed to seal the tooth. A crown is then recommended.

This procedure restores the natural function of the tooth, so you bite and chew with it just like before. The crown protects the tooth from breaking pressures during biting and grinding. Endodontic treatment can preserve the tooth for a lifetime, further treatment may never be required.

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