A restoration will protect your tooth

Dental restorations have the ability to protect your teeth from further damage from decay.

Protect your teeth from decay

What is a filling?

A ‘filling’ or dental restoration is the term used to ‘fill’ or repair a cavity (a hole) in a tooth.

There are a few different types of fillings used in dentistry but we tend to simplify them by calling them white or silver fillings.

White fillings

A white filling is a composite resin (plastic) material. They are ivory white in colour matching the shade of your original tooth.

White fillings are usually suitable to restore decayed cavities but also have the ability to be used cosmetically.

The procedure is simple and consists of just one appointment. Your dentist will first choose the shade of composite that best matches your tooth colour. After removing the decay the filling will be shaped to fit your tooth and polished so that it remains smooth and resistant to staining.

Silver fillings

A silver filling is made of amalgam (metal). They are silver in colour and very strong. The silver filling is highly recommended for teeth that are used to chew food and are at the back of the mouth.

What you need to know about dental fillings

Occasionally we need to numb the tooth to ensure you feel no discomfort during your treatment.      We ask you to eat prior to your visit so that you have time for the numbness to go before eating after treatment. Please discuss with Dr Zukerman whether anaesthetic will be required for your filling.

Dr Zukerman will always give his recommendation of which filling is best for your tooth, however you have a choice! Please feel free to tell us which type you would prefer.

How your dentist decides if you need a filling

Having tooth decay is the most common reason for needing dental fillings. Dr Zukerman will check your teeth to find tooth decay and cavities. Spotting decay is not as easy as it seems. It may require use of special instruments as opposed to simply looking at your teeth. X-rays may also be used to pin point hard to spot cavities.

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