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#18: 10 reasons why regular dental check ups are important….

The obvious one to check your teeth for decay. Dental decay, if caught in the very early stages has the possibility of being reversed.  Basically explained- your tooth has three layers- 1. Enamel 2. Dentine 3. Pulp. If the decay is found just at the enamel layer, it is possible to ‘remineralise’ the ‘demineralised’ enamel and stop a hole happening in its tracks.

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#17: Hypnotherapy and Dentistry!?!

We care about the well being of our patients. We wish that everyone would be confident and happy in the dental chair.But this isn’t the case, so…..*****drum roll please***** We are very excited to announce we now have a Hypnotherapist operating from our office!

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Smile Designs has been supplying quality dental solutions for over 25 years. We can do everything from general servicing right
through to complex redesigns of cosmetic dentistry and lots of other painless stuff.

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