Teeth Whitening

You can have a whiter brighter smile!

If you would like to quickly enhance the appearance of your smile, teeth whitening in our office might be for you!

Whitening treatment tailored to your needs

We offer two styles of teeth whitening:

Home whitening

We recommend to our Smile Designs patients the ‘home whitening’ technique its very popular and simple system to use and results tend to be more long term. It is the most cost effective method at $450 for the take home kit. It involves making a thin, soft mouthguard style tray which is prepared from an impression of your teeth. A whitening gel is applied on the tray and is worn for 20-30 minutes on a daily basis at home. The teeth will lighten gradually over a 7 – 10 day period after which it may be applied again monthly as a ‘booster’ to maintain the lighter colour.

In chair whitening

A faster result can be obtained with the in-chair whitening method. This will take about an hour, where we apply the whitening gel directly to your teeth and activate the gel with a warming light at our clinic. The cost for this is $800.


Pros’ and Cons:

  • The home whitening technique is the most popular, most economical and will provide results over a longer period of time. The beauty of this system is that it is in your control. If you find your teeth are white enough after a few days, stop using it. If after 10 days you would like whiter teeth, keep going! Six months down the track, if you decide you would like to whiten your teeth again, get the kit out and start again. Extra gel is available at our clinic at $60 for 3 tubes that will last approximately 15 uses. The trays will last for years. This system is better for patients who would like white teeth all year round and are prepared to do the work at home. It is also the preferred system for patients that experience sensitivity as it whitens gradually over time.
  • The in chair system is good for people who aren’t able to do the whitening at home every day for ten days, are forgetful or if they need their teeth whitened quickly – ie your wedding day is this weekend! etc. It can make the teeth more sensitive as the system does all of it’s whitening in an hour. The other downfall is the maintenance aspect (no whitening system is permanent). If you want your teeth to be white all year round, you will need to do the in chair system again (usually 6-12 months later depending on lifestyle-smoking/red wine will darker teeth quicker) or purchase the home whitening kit to maintain the bright white.

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