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About Your Dental Examination

You ‘Check Up’ will include a comprehensive oral and dental assessment. As you are rested back int he dental chair relaxing with our ceiling mounted flat screen entertainment, Dr Zukerman will examine your mouth and dentition for the following: 

  • Screening the whole mouth region to look for any disease of the lining of the mouth, tongue, palate and cheeks. 
  • Thorough examination of all surfaces of the teeth looking for any decay, break or cracks and evaluation of any existing restorations 
  • Evaluation fo the gums and supporting tissues and look for any inflammation and gum pocketing. 
  • Inspection of the jaws, joints, lips and saliva glands. The ‘wisdom teeth’ if relevant. 
  • Smile evaluation – your front teeth will be assessed from a cosmetic perspective and ideas for any smile enhancement can be offered. 

Occasionally, additional tests may be required to assist diagnosis and treatment planning ie x-rays, casts photographic etc. You will always be asked consent for any fo these. 

We ask that you mention any relevant medical history, medications or any adverse previous dental experience. Also, tell us if there are any allergies (such as latex) or amalgam issues or concerns.  

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