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What about my health fund?

An explanation of dental fees

When considering health insurance for your dental costs, also consider the following:

  • The level of rebates paid is determined by each health fund and this hinges on that fund’s commercial requirements.
  • In addition to offering rebates for their clientele, some health funds are designed in such a way as to reap profits for their shareholders.
  • Often the case, the rebates rendered on dental fees are unlikely to cover any more than 60 percent for common dental issues, with this cover sometimes offsetting just less than half the cost of more complex and costly procedures.
  • Some health funds direct their preferred providers to certain (more cost effective) procedures, thereby reducing your choice of treatment for your real dental needs.
  • The federal government does not subsidise dental fees like it does Medicare for adults. There is a subsidy available for some children, however you must speak to Medicare to find out if your child is eligible.

Important Points

  • Cheap dentistry could only mean one thing: lower quality care for patients.
  • Our practice follows the Australian Dental Associations fee guides for setting up our fees. The overall figure has to factor in individual costs, a figure dependent on the practice. Our dentists are all active/registered members of the ADA.
  • The fees levied in this practice are maintained at the lowest possible minimum while at the same time providing care of the highest quality.
  • The best way to bring down your dental bill is to prevent dental decay and gum disease in the first place. What’s more, you could avoid extra costs by scheduling for regular checkups with your dentist.
  • Should you have any qualms with your private health insurance, make a point of getting directly in touch with the fund. If this does not resolve your issue, you should contact the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman. This is an independent body tasked with the responsibility of resolving complaints as well as offering free advice and information.

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