Dentists and their specialties

Everyone should try to visit their dentist at least once a year. Without regular dental visits, a person may suffer severe periodontal disease. Attacking either the gum or tooth structures, periodontal disease can be a silent killer. According to the CDC, 8,000 people died because they did not get regular dental visits. Their situation started […]

Floss the teeth that you want to keep

The most dreaded question a dentist can ask you is, “Have you been flossing?” Many people follow the philosophy that as long as you brush your teeth, there isn’t a need to floss. This is a common misconception! Toothbrushes are designed to clean the outer surfaces and gums. However, toothbrushes cannot clean the area between […]

Can you bleach a single tooth?

Bright white teeth have become an important symbol in today’s society, people often judge us based on how white our smiles are. Bright white smiles have become so important that people spend huge amounts of money on bleaching kits to clean up their smiles. Today people can choose from dozens of different cleaning kits all […]

What are three of the most common teeth whitening services?

If there’s one thing that all adults would love to own, it’s a set of pearly white teeth. As the years go by, our teeth are exposed to a variety of factors that can play a major role in discolouration. The food and drink that we consume can take the biggest toll, but even a […]

Can frequent dental visits improve the health of your teeth?

There aren’t many people that look forward to dental appointments – we’re not offended, we completely understand why! It’s hardly the most comfortable thing to have someone poking around your gum line, and that’s why our dental experts will pull out all the stops to ensure that our patients feel as relaxed as possible. Professionals […]

Sedation dentistry might end your fear of the dentist.

A fear of going to the dentist is one of the most common fears in the world. Thousands of people are so afraid of dental visits that they won’t even go. They would rather let their mouths become filled with gingivitis, cavities, or their teeth fall out before forcing themselves to go. Usually this fear […]

Gum Disease Prevention

Gum disease is a common but preventable dental issue. It is also known as periodontal disease. This disease can be a bit sneaky because you don’t know you have it. The bacterial cause of gum disease is that same that causes tooth decay and bad breath.  However, these bacteria can lead to other problems in […]

Evolution Of The Toothbrush

Before the first signs of a toothbrush like instrument to be implemented, its thought that our ancestors used their own finger and a rough cloth to brush and clean teeth. The use of a more toothbrush resembled cleaning device in its primitive form is thought to have started with the Babylonians and Egyptians, then the […]

Dental Health Week

Dental Health Week (6-12 August) acts as a reminder to Australians to visit their local dentist regularly and to implement healthy oral practices at home. This year the theme is Watch Your Mouth. “You might not think it, but oral hygiene plays an integral role in your overall health and well being,” Dr Zukerman said. […]